Incorporated in 1992, HBEF is a fund-raising organization for Hermosa Beach public schools. Operated entirely by volunteers, our focus is to meet the school district’s educational needs by funding instructional programs in science, technology, foreign language, music and other subjects. HBEF enhances our schools by funding programs not paid for by the state.

Annual Giving is a yearly campaign seeking financial gifts from family, friends and community members. Each school year begins July 1 and ends June 30. Funds raised can be directed to teacher salaries, technology, enriched classroom experiences, extracurricular activities, or the areas of greatest need.  Unrestricted funds are greatly encouraged because they allow the school flexibility in addressing unforeseen financial needs.

A gift to HBEF Annual Giving Campaign has the power to help us continue to provide a dynamic education and to sustain our competitive edge as an academic leader. Every child enrolled in the Hermosa Beach City School District benefits from the enhanced programming that is the product of our fundraising.  Monies raised through this year’s Annual Giving Campaign go directly into next fiscal year’s budget and will support the following:


  • SPARKS and IDEA Labs
  • View and Valley Libraries
  • View and Valley PE Program
  • Music Education
  • Reduced Class Sizes (K-3rd)
  • Technology
  • Middle School Electives

The monies raised from these events are added to the much needed funds we give to the District each year.  While eighty percent of the money raised by HBEF Fundraisers go directly to the District, the remaining twenty percent is deposited into our endowment fund.

Your ENTIRE Annual Giving gift goes directly to the Hermosa Beach City School District.

The monies raised by HVPTO support our teachers and students by purchasing curriculum enhancing supplies and school related equipment at each campus, such as library books, recess and PE equipment, musical instruments and other facility enhancements while HBEF’s funds go towards allowing these programs to be offered to our students.  You can learn more about HVPTO at hvpto.com

While the cost of living is high in Hermosa Beach, Sacramento doesn’t send our schools as much money as other cities in California. We are the 3rd lowest funded district in the state. We all agree that we want our children to have a top notch educational experience. Therefore, we need our school families and community to support the HBEF Annual Giving Campaign to keep our programs here in Hermosa Beach current and competitive.

The money from the measure S Bond is strictly slated for building costs.  These funds cannot be used for programming or administrative costs. It wouldn’t make sense to have brand new buildings with no programs inside. HBEF Annual Giving gifts fund these educational programs.

No matter how much you decide to give to the HBEF Annual Giving Campaign, know that it is your participation that matters. Each family is different, and should examine their individual circumstances and their goals for our school community. The Annual Giving Campaign helps bridge the gap between what the state provides the district and the actual cost to educate a student in Hermosa Beach Schools. The gap is $6000 per student. We would like to encourage each family to consider a gift of $1000 per child. This is an investment directly in your child’s education.

Our Hermosa Beach Schools are an essential part of the city we live in. School-wide participation reflects pride in our community and is a testament to our strong commitment to prioritize education, our children and our future. Achieving 100% participation builds community, identifies solidarity, and often inspires significant additional gifts. All Annual Giving Campaign gifts, large or small, make a collective impact which benefits each and every student.

Annual Giving is not only about reaching our monetary goal, but also about the participation of our entire school community. A strong Annual Giving Campaign with participation from the entire community is a testament to the school and the city’s past, present and future. Each gift truly does make a difference to our monetary total and also offers a positive statement to the overall health of the school. Strong Annual Giving participation also affects Hermosa Beach City School Districts’ ability to seek grants from area foundations and corporations.
  1. Visit hbef.org  to make a secure credit card donation.
  2. Send a check made out to “Hermosa Beach Education Foundation” to:
    HBEF Annual Giving
    PO Box 864
    Hermosa Beach, CA
  3. Check with your employer to determine whether they are a Matching Gift participant, or email treasurer@hbef.org, to find out if your company offerings a Matching Gift.  
  4. Provide a gift of Stock or Securities, email endowment@hbef.org
Yes, your gift to the Annual Giving Campaign is 100% tax deductible. A letter will arrive shortly after your donation is received acknowledging your gift and providing a receipt for tax purposes. HBEF is a 501C(3) non-profit organization — Tax ID#: 33-0522270
No. Every child benefits and so we keep the allocation of funds centralized.
All donations of any amount are important. Every child benefits and every donation counts. We would like 100% of our Hermosa Beach school families to donate at the level that is right for them. We also have a recurring payment program where a fixed amount can be charged to a credit card each month. As an example, $50 per month over the course of 10 months of school will add up to a $500 donation.
Absolutely! We hope that everyone will contribute. Some can afford to contribute more than others, but it means so much to know the whole community is providing support. Your donation does make a difference!
HBEF raises funds through the Annual Giving, Hearts of Hermosa and various other events in order to supplement funding for student educational programs. HVPTO raises funds through many community events, including the Halloween Carnival and Dolphin Dash, in order to fund enhancements for those and other programs like field trip buses, playground equipment, lunch clubs and teacher grants to name a few. All fundraising efforts by both HBEF and HVPTO are extremely important and add to the quality of learning for all our students.